Friday, June 8, 2012

#The boy that my mama approve.

Semalam,like usual we text.
came up with an issue.
I'm being his love experiment.
Honestly, I was pissed.
AND,i realize,it was not his fault.
He treated me like a friend.A normal friend.
Never did he said Sayang,Dear or wateva.
nak tegur pun, Assalammualaikum der.
so,i text him , sorry la aku terperasan sendiri.

he replied;
ish kau ni,sorry la aku buat kau perasan sorang sorang.
Aku pun suka kau jugak. Tapi belum tibe mase lagi.
Sijil SPM pun takde.Jangan berangan nak bercinte.

me ?
Jaw drop.
malu beb.malu.


i told mama,she said " baguslah dia fokus "
in an approving way.

so deep down,i  convey myself,
ADHHANI,when the times come,that right guy will come.
this is what they say as something worth waiting
so for now,keep aside all those feeling
and  strive for my dream.
#this is my vow bebeh.

anyway,thank you MR,for realizing me this crucial fact of life.i wont be drift away with this stupid feeling that would bring me nowhere for now.I'm grateful that i have known you.
Truly am grateful.Thank you Allah.

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