Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Refleksi perhaps?


okay this is so awkward as i have long left this blog. Got a diary la kawan. Seronok dekat sana, Lupa sini. Who cares pun kaaaaaaaann.
So, Actually have you ever thought what does your future holds ? This. Honestly keeps me anxious all night. Fall asleep pun sometime with perfect image of what i dream, hope. Ini sweet. Worst is when you are left unanswered question, maybe false hope. Ini ouch.
Sum it all, this is where trusting in The Almighty play its part. Analogically, we humans are holding a straw. Uncertain if you gonna be safe or just drown in the heavy stream of life. Fahamkan?
Pray, Doa is the vital part. Well for muslim believer, we believe on the Hereafter. Thats really a long run. I came upon a quote saying
Build a bridge in Dunya for you to cross it in the Akhirat.
Something like that la. hee. Main sebat je. The main point is that Dunya is what people say as just a stop for human. Make a full out of it kawan! This is a note to myself oso. Dunya manis kann siapa tak tergoda. Make sure you know your limits. Ni bukan acah acah alim or so wateva. Eh tak baik tau cakap macam tu. Kan Allah pun ade pesan. Sesungguhnya Manusia hidup dalam kerugian. Sambungannyer lupa la. Hee. Fail la. haha. Tak tapi point is make sure today is way way much better that your yesterday. Than only your life is worth. YOLO kan. Be positive. Dont hold a grudge. Have a blast! Seriously, theres nothing to lose. Macam Janoskian ni buat benda gila gila.

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