Thursday, October 25, 2012

afiq amani

what's there much to say?haha

from my assumption,i'm playing fire when i first let him into my life.
why do i say so,well,here's the history
he is the guy with that shy smile.
the guy that will let you hear only what you want to hear.
so,some girl go crazy fer him.
i gotta say he's outta my league.

that was back then during our forth former
how i see him now,
the annoying brother.
a super secretive person.
committed to be better person.haha

if you are reading this.
thanks for the memory :)
one day,lemme get to know you.
and one day,i hope you realize how special you are in Nadya's eyes.
by the way,you are on in a million :3 meow.haha

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