Thursday, October 25, 2012


simply a memory :')

the story starts dekat surau.
i was doing math i guess.and then you came.
you with that clumsy action of yours :D
its been a long time since we talk.
so i smiled effortlessly.
you asked with a stern voice
''nak aku call kau ke tak?''
loooool,i was happy.damn happy.inside.
but my lips blurt
''tak nak kacau kau.lagipun kan kau yg nak stop''
secretly i pray he gonna say something like,alllaaa mainmain je,aku call tau.
he nods his head,look down.the kind of look that says oh macam gitu rupenyer.
then walk away.
my heart drops.WHAT?JUST?HAPPEN?
tried to chase were far gone.
and i woke from my dream.yeah that was all a dream.

even in my dream you've walk away.
reality must be far worse:')

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