Saturday, December 22, 2012

clock is ticking

hey, masa sudah semakin suntuk kawan. cuti panjang lagi 1 minggu lebih SAHAJA.

obviously, this is fo those yang dapat PLKN.
tahun ni lots of my close friends dapat!
ehhh korang korang kann. kalau boleh aku nak spend the last day dengan korang. And then we wont be sleeping at night because there's no time fo that. And then kan, aku akan hantar korang pergi. We are going to have those long warm hugs of never letting go. haha. macam nak pergi perang je kan. Tak kisah la overdramatic pun orang nak cakap. I'm the one facing those days mesti tachink punye. Okay then, I'm gonna wave goodbye until korang are out of sighted. That's what i plotted. Diri kerdil ni plot something too big too be true. So what's best for now. I'm going to cherish all these little things of the remaining days. Buang ego. Buang hard feeling. 

bukak twitter, dapat mention daripada Nadzifah.
she read both mine and zurain's blog

she's got this, i dont how to explain, she just touch people's feeling,click,like that.
because yeahh, honestly i dindt even realise zurain wrote those stuff in her blog. She realise all the little things people do. You don't how nice that is. And maybe that's the reason why people are comfortable around her. If i were a boy, having her as my behalf. I'll never say no.

zurain on the other hand is well. you can tell she's wearing her heart on her sleeve. All those true emotions that flows in her writing, the way she acts around us.
That's Zurain.

so Ya Allah, Alhamdullilah fo this company. Do take care of them. Spare a day when we will be meeting again. Blessed em'.

You are never Forever Alone :)


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