Wednesday, December 26, 2012

that ending

hey, so i am that typical girl when it comes to reading..
I'll read the synopsis, Interested? I'll go on with the first two chapter. Anddd, juz because its nerve racking, I'll hop to the ending. Confirming its a happy ending. If its so, I'll continue reading cause come  high tide or hell, At the end. Its a happy ending :)

I wish life was like that. I could hop to the ending. Seriously. I hate waking up, questioning whats today up to surprise me?

fo the last two days,
i was away staying with my grandmother. My only Grandmother actually.
Spending the day, Waking up to see her, Watch her go to bed.

Bayangkan, Seorang Old lady. Alone. Television. Cats. Her garden.
That's the only gate-away to pass her days.
The next day, The same routine.

Anyways, every moment there i'll cherish.
Dengan my lil brother yang macam hape. Pernah dengar orang berkebun bawak ubat nyamuk? Well, we did. Banyak nyamuk. When i say banyak. Its like sangat sangat banyak.
Nyayi(i called my grandma that) just smile by our act.

Lets conclude=appreciate things.

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