Tuesday, January 1, 2013

i ought to be happy .

TwoZeroThirteen !

here's how i end my 2012.

1.went out with my bestfriend. THIS. unexpected.
2. instead getting a new year kiss. Someone played a guitar :) THIS. unexpected.

To be honest, i cant stop smiling. I'm smitten, captivated by such event.
So, its true Allah has save me something special that's worth my waiting.
And of course i planned something different. 

this is my plan:
Malam sebelum fireworks boom boom, i'll be on the phone with this person. And then we'll be on skype. Ahhhhhhh. Because i really really really want to be that first wisher" happy new year", showing how special he is. But he is sick or he mayyy be busy. haihhh. ingat balik, macam nak melalak. So turn out i just send a text.
Tak ape lah :)

how it turn out:
lazying on my bed. Ready to sleep lah kan sebab exhausted goofing around dengan intan. My phone *ringringringring. i pick up. On the other line is?is?is? F. a long lost friend. chit chat kejap lepas tu dia cakap. 'aku nak bagi lagu ni, nak dengar tak?'
Cam terkejut sebab selalu dia send video je. layan je lah. So sebenarnye dia main accoustic je not like the usual. And i'm a typical girl, boys playing me guitar. Of course i'm touched. Perasan lah dia main untuk aku sorang. hahahahahahahahaha. loooooooooooool :D
dia cakap ' ni je lah aku mampu bagi sebelum aku pergi PLKN . nak jumpe dah tak dapat kan '
spoil la plkn ni,haha, kalau tidak memang after this i spend time with him je la. heeeeee

that night, we skype. he said better look at him as much as i want now before he changed to be bald and dark. haha. ape lah.
he share stuff, exchanging stories, play guitar some more.
haihhh, well done and good job you have made me hard to let you go. And i'm gonna miss you.

lesson learnt, be patient. There's something awesome awaits to suprised you.  Keep in faith in Allah as he plans the best fer everybody. okay? Allhamdullilah. Thanks for the memories. 
this is once in a lifetime experience. Bizarre way to start my new year! hehe

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