Thursday, December 6, 2012

i'm a quitter

i quit facebook. i quit twitter. i turn my phone off.
i need my space i guess, that's why i reacted that way.

i have vow. before people go and leave me.
i'll take my leave first.
that way,there's gonna only be severe heartache.

life's a i sound pretty much like a pathetic loser.
giving  up on life huh?
i guess i am.loser.but not gving up on life fo sho. i had too much attachment,expectation.
leads to dissapointment :)

i have to get a grasp of myself.
being realistic in figuring things out.
then only i'll make a surprise entrance back to thee world :D

holding my guard back up again FTW :D
knowing the fact i'm an option sucks.
so,happy vacation Adhhani

1 comment:

ayuni said...

hey heyyy. whts wrong babe??? i'm missing you :'(

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