Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dear John,

This is a story about a girl that doesnt know how to keep a relationship.
ladies and gentleman, please make this a lesson. Note NOT to commit the same mistake as the character.

Historically, this particular girl once failed in love. Not once, maybe thrice or more. But that was years ago. She learns that no relationship at this young age would ever last. Then for years she has been quite the girl who doesnt give a damn on any serious relationship; roaming and mingling swiftly like a dandelion flower. But every flying dandelion flower will eventually land someday right? same goes to her. She was smitten by a typical guy who most people say- fierce,bad tantrum. Unexpectedly, he was nothing much like that. Instead, he was a funny,cute and has the sweetest smile. People around wear puzzled faces on how she managed to change and even fall for him. This made her feel special like winning a lottery! As she was over the moon,she was unaware that there are eyes watching. Yearning to be hers. She only want that guy. Nothing else matters i supposed. Sadly, love wasnt on her side. He started to drift away without an early notice. Leaving her missing each and every memories. Once again,she mends the things we call as heart.

She sometimes thinks its too dramatic to cry and so she laugh it away. In the meantime, there standing outside the line is another boy who sweat and frets just to get close with her. Watching and admiring each of her move, falling falling falling falling and nothing can stop him. They both happen to get along pretty well. However, out of the concern of her friends, she was asked to held her guard up and not to fall for him. Day by day they got more attach. It is like a bff kind of relationship, she never thought it could be more. She also never hope it would be more but undeniably she did felt a thingly feeling like a small kid being given candy.

Later on, its hard enough to ignore the avalanche feeling that roams the atmosphere whenever they are together. Knowing there is nothing to lose, she confess. Surprisingly, he felt the same. Unofficially, there goes a new chapter. Page one of in the adventure of young teenager in love. There were madly and later on things got comfortable. As day pass, she began to be busy. On the hand, he was too. Time never sided them. She began to feel neglected. Memories of people leaving alarmed in her mind. The fear and monster from the past came haunting her. And she vowed no and never to be hurt. She was wrong. As she was about to take her leave twice, There he was. Standing still wearing his heart on his sleeve. Never an inch moved from where he was at the beginning. He never give up reassuring her to trust him. However she cant help by loving half heartedly. She wasnt ready to risk anymore. At the first leave, she manage to rivet the trust on him in her mind and decided to stay. Then they were happy again until she cant get a grasp of herself. She lost navigation on where are they heading. Not telling what she want, ignorant. She expects him to know that she actually need his company. Why does she expects like that? because before, thats how her ex treated her. Cast her under a spell to never forget the attention they gave. She should just move on and leave the past.

Patiently, he consult her. Re-stressing all the things he had said before. Never giving up. She started to realize how she was blind by the past. Not seeing the sign. Now, he somehow felt tired. She on the other hand, it was like a slap on her face. She thought;He is willing to risk. Why not her? Supposedly they were in this together. She felt sorry. And if his affection for her start to fade. It was never his fault. He has been there for her always. I want to win u back she secretly whispers. But that doesnt change a things. He was done.

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