Monday, October 28, 2013

My say

Preferring to write back on this Blog. Why? mainly cause this wont use any paper. And i really like to write all my random thoughts. If I post it on twitter, People may see me weird,dramatic emo girl. NO. Seriously no. I am not that sad looking girls who goes around dreading her emotion like a huge boulder.

So, changed a few things just to look more matured and more me.
Does it shows? *insert laugh here if you get what I mean*
The tittle my say is inferring to what I think. Literally just whats on my mind.

1. My final semester result will be up this friday
2. I think writing this looks like syok sendiri
3. getting a migraine cause i ate maggi

Oh crap, things are getting crapper. Shit. Im gonna pen off. Will be writing more meaningful post sooner or later as yeahhh Iam feeling so fresh so clean hehe.

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